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Benefits of Outsourcing CAD Drafting Services
by vegacadd on 
2D and 3D CAD drafting is a fundamental necessity in all design offices— one which lies at the heart of the business, without which the office cannot function. Shop drawings, architectural working drawings and detailing are drawn using 2D, while 3D is the obvious choice for perspective views, plant layouts, piping designs and so on.

Little wonder, then, that many design engineers and architects today have turned to outsourcing to an offshore CAD drafting company as a reliable model for their business operations. There are many reasons for this; which is why it has become more popular as a tried-and-tested strategy that really works! 

Here are some of the benefits of offshore outsourcing of CAD drafting services.

  • Professional Design Outputs 

Offshore design teams are thorough professionals with hands-on expertise in CAD. Not only will the output be accurate and in compliance with design standards, but you will get working drawings that are closely aligned to manufacturers specifications, detailed out by experts in the field who have all-round industry knowledge. You will get error-free drafts with all measurements marked to the accuracy expected. 

  • Expertise in Handling Diverse CAD Drafting Software

Quite often, different software platforms are used by different teams working on the same project. This causes distortion of data when imported and such design drafts require cleansing. In order to work on these files, draftspersons must be experienced and have good editing skills. They should know how to search, duplicate, archive and assemble drawings. Offshore draftspersons are well-versed in all aspects of diverse software and know the right sketching tools to use to get the right results. 

  • Superior Quality, Timely Deliveries, Reasonable Fees

As outsourcing companies have multiple teams with expertise in specific industry designs, you can be sure of getting work of the highest quality. They will comply with the required mandates; for instance, architectural drawings must comply with AIA standards, mechanical drawings with ASME standards and so on. Work deliveries will be as per expected schedules, and as the work is charged by the hour, they will be very clear about expected time to finish the project and will make sure they deliver within that time. 

  • Integrating CAD with other Software

As construction and manufacturing industries become more competitive by the day, just drafting is no longer enough. Offshore drafting partners have the expertise to integrate cost estimating software applications, logical programming APIs and other features with the CAD so that you can get more work done in a shorter time frame. They have access to new technologies and significant experience in using state-of-the-art tools and platforms. 

There’s no doubt, then, that outsourcing creates cost efficiency, superior quality and streamlined business operations, giving companies that embrace it the competitive edge over their peers. With more offices choosing to adopt this business model, the demand for outsourcing architectural CAD drafting services is definitely on the rise!  

Looking to have assistance for Architectural CAD Drafting? Rayvat Engineering can assist you with all aspects of CAD Drafting, Construction Documentation, CAD Conversion and 3D Modelling requirements. Do get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate. 

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Restaurant Decorating Ideas by 3D architectural design outsourcing
by yantramstudio on 

Restaurant INTERIOR EXTERIOR DESIGN | Dining decorating ideas ( modern, Restaurant, ideas, interior, exterior, design, best, 2018, furniture, in-door, out-door, dining, photo-realistic ) The Brickell Bay Boardwalk is unique and first in-door & out-door dining experience in Miami, located near to Mandarin Oriental Hotel. A huge restaurant with 2700 Sq ft area with modern furniture and different amenities area makes it more beautiful and unique. With an elegant dining area outside in front of water makes property more attractive.

Restaurant interior design, restaurant interior design plans, bar and restaurant interior design ideas, cafe and restaurant interior design, hotel and restaurant interior design, restaurant interior design idea, restaurant interior design concept, restaurant kitchen interior design, restaurant interior design low budget, restaurant interior design floor plan, dining room decorating ideas, dining decorating ideas. 
For more details please visit our website:

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House Ideas and Virtual Tour of Lodge exterior rendering services
by yantramstudio on 

YantramStudio proudly publish photo-realistic 3d Architectural visualization walkthrough Animation of Beach side Modern Lodge. Creative Team of Yantram studio is always ready to serve you with their creativity for your any kind of project - residential, commercial etc.

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3D Animation - Motion Graphics Presentation for Logistics Commercial Warehouse Center in South Korea
by yantramstudio on 

3D Walkthrough Flythrough animation for Commercial Warehouse Logistic property in South Korea with amenities such as cafe, restaurant and parking. Walkthrough covers Interior and Exterior Areas of property with transparent buildings and bridges for ideas of surrounding properties with natural landscape. Motion Graphics show the growth of company.

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An ar developers World to live in !
by yantramstudio on 

This is not the end. Not only education or real estate industry, various other industries have found Augmented Reality , the best way to influence people and be advantageous to lead the competitive world.


In the past few years, we have come across a new technology called Augmented Reality which says “Interact with your dream world through your own senses”, meaning we can play games with our gestures and body movements, we can feel a well constructed building at a foot as if it is in real and can walk around it easily via zoom in and zoom out. It is an evolution which paves the way to add information discoveries to the real world in undefined possibilities.

Today, with the advancement in technology, people have moved ahead and welcomed the interactive world of visualization with a big smile.

Let’s take an example of Education System, then and now. Don’t you feel a drastic change in the education system? A decade ago , when we used to study about animals, science, fiction or numerology, we never had such kind of interactive study materials. We were piled up with countless books of various subjects just to make our concepts clear. Now, the learning has become easy and intuitive. Children can visualize horse galloping, water evaporating, learn various scientific formula and solve mathematical problem easily by using this technology.

Augmented reality has widened the room for various industry sectors, fun, games, sports education and others by providing cutting-edge solutions at every level . Being the world more into the usage of powerful gadgets and mobile devices, vivid gaming and other applications are available in mobile app stores to demonstrate the master pieces of this interactive technology.


But, is this going to improve the marketing strategies and user experience?

As per the market research, sources have found that people are getting inclined more towards the AR applications. The applications developed using AR technology provide the customize interactive features which help people to present their information in moving, action- oriented and interactive way.

Let’s take an example of real estate.

Real estate require different and unique solutions to grab customer’s attention. Using this AR technology, you can amaze them with possible ways. Now, users can walk through their future property via one touch and feel the heaven inside. This technology helps you in preparing interactive 3D presentations which cater customers about all the aspects of their new locality or property.


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Virtual Reality videos | VR Interactive 360 Tours web- Mobile App ( Unity3D, Android, iOS ) Egypt
by yantramstudio on 

This is Virtual Reality Showreel of YantramStudio consist of all Demo videos.

1. 3D Virtual Reality Application for Cardboard (iOS,Android, WerbGL)
2. 3D Virtual Reality Application for Desktop, Touchscreen, Oculus, HTC Vive
3. 3D Interactive Web Application.
4. 360 Degree Virtual Panoramic Tour for Interior and Exterior
5. 3D Virtual Floor Plan
6. 3D Virtual Shopping Mall
7. 360 Degree Video Animation in 4K

For more details please visit our website:

Contact Person : Ruturaj Desai

India: + 91-9909705001
USA: 1-408-705-2225
Email :

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3D Architectural Walkthrough & Flythrough Animation Cinematic Reel - Architectural Design Studio Florida, USA
by yantramstudio on 

This is the Cinematic Animation of Yantram Studio's 3d architectural walk through and fly through project till Dec-2017. Yantram Architectural Studio founded in 2004, has completed 3D Animation design project for over 3000 Architect, Real State Firms, Interior Designer, Ad Agency.

For more details please visit our website:


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3D Architectural Virtual Tour for Commercial Warehouse Property Walkthrough Manchester
by yantramstudio on 

3D Walkthrough Flythrough animation for Commercial Warehouse Property with amenities such as cafe, restaurant, kids area and parking.

For more details please visit our website:

FOLLOW US @Google + : : :

Contact Person : Ruturaj Desai
India: + 91-9909705001
USA: 1-408-705-2225
Email :

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Top Eight Architectural Design Studios in India
by yantramstudio on 

Commercial exterior building concept design ideas

According to the increasing scenario of architecture in India, there has been a noticeable growth in this industry. The designs and concepts has raised its level internationally and thus making it recognized world over. Indian Architectural Design field has been part of “Awards” and the disciplines taught here has been selected to be put upon International level books, guides & magazines.

Taking a closer look towards it, a number of adept people of architectural field have opened up wings for the students and newbie’s who wish to be a part of the industry. A good design is a mirror of healthy time, smart work, enhanced project management level, culture and lastly; startling implementation at each phase. With the changing era, the language of design has taken a toll while taking it to digital communication world.

Let’s have a sneak peek in the world of “Architecture” combined with modern art; of course we belong to 21st century!

All of them have been moving across best technical standards with the base of fresh conceptual design, Varied experiments with the space to make it look alike your dream looks; be it your office, house or hotel/restaurant/lounge bar.

1. Studio 69

Having a group of talented architectural professionals, this firm has got good ranking from the market, in past few years. Having a crystal strategy of preparing design and then taking the approved concept to implementation level has made their brand name remarkable not only in Bangalore, but elsewhere too. Being a full-fledged firm of Architect and Interior Design, they offer effective solutions and ensure on-time completion of the projects.

2. Planet 3 Studios

This firm has been ranked ahead because of its inventive thinking, high-end approach towards technology touched with latest designs. The two smart founders; Santha Gour Mattoo and Kalhan Mattoo has built up a huge portfolio that consists of buildings, plots, schools & colleges, retail outlets & shops, spas & resorts, hotels & restaurants and other industrial projects. Moreover, this firm has been thinking on the terms of environment sustainability where in they utilize the design via apt technologies and labour locally.

3. Yantram Studio

Here at Yantram Studio, the creative and technical staff has been trained under the supervision of experts for various aspects such as:

  • Project Development
  • Visualization
  • Design
  • Execution

It has earned fame for its specialized 3D Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Modeling and Animation. The 360 Degree Panoramic Tour and Product Modeling is very diversified and contemporary in its structure. And this has certainly extended its arms towards accomplishing huge projects successfully.

4. ZZ Architects

Lead by a team of two talented guys, Zubin Zainuddin and Krupa Zubin, ZZA has made its name to the list of top ten Architectural and Interior Design Firms of India. Having a team of more than 50 such people, they believe in making extensive use of CAD as well as 3D Modeling to increase their potentiality and making optimum use of latest tools & techniques. ZZA has offered its services to commercial, exhibitions, residential, institutes, salons, etc. with highly creative concepts edged with master planning.

5. Studio Essemble

This firm has been welcoming amateurs along with graduates having minimal approach towards architecture & interior design industry. They possess the strength of:

  • Urban Development
  • Interior Works
  • Unique Design

With a view of making the space having an ideal architecture, this firm has gone up for transforming each design opportunity to reality. They have designed and prepared models ranging from old to urban new landscapes and residential remodels too. Additionally they also provide internship opportunities.

6. Mindspace Architects

This firm is owned and guided by Mr. Sanjay Mohe & his super amazing team of experts under him to work upon projects, they showcase splendid work. Having around 30 years of immse experience in architectural field, their work has been recognized for National as well as International Awards. It has a strong portfolio for making research labs, residential plots & projects and IT plots.

Read more:

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5 Most Popular Augmented-Reality Apps of 2017
by yantramstudio on 

There was a time when applications with augmented Reality (AR) were merely concepts. But today, this concept has made its way into the real world. It works by superimposing digital content atop of our physical surroundings, thereby enhancing our interaction with our surroundings. Thanks to AR app development, we now have plethora of applications integrated with this technology. But, not all of them are worthy enough to stay in your smartphone.

To make things easier for you, we have listed the five most popular augmented reality apps which are worth trying.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go can be tagged as the application that made the concept of AR clear to common people. This marvelous creation of Niantic gained huge popularity. This enticing game enables its users to catch Pokemon in the real world. The game makes use of GPS and camera. The camera shows you Pokemon in the real world while the GPS is used to mark your location. You can have around 150 pocket monsters with you.

The game is so engrossing that users often forgot to take note of their surroundings. Its official website now offers safety tips for its users. Sure enough, you cannot miss out on an application like this.

Ink Hunter

Inkhunter is a unique and fun-filled AR app that lets you check out pre-made tattoos. The application offers you its own designs, but you can also upload and try out your own designs. You can orient the tattoos in any position and on any part of the body. With a little help from the in-app editor, tattoos appear close to real life. Previously, it provided support for black-and-white tattoos, but after its latest update, it now provides support for colored tattoos too. Though it won’t come handy for larger ones, for smaller ones, it gives reasonably good results.

Google Sky Map
Google Sky Map

Star lovers are sure to get smitten by this amazing creation of Google which enables users to identify almost anything in the starry night sky. After installing it, simply point your phone upwards, and you can view different celestial objects like stars, constellations, galaxies and planets. You can do real-time identification of almost anything that comes under the radar of your phone’s camera. You can even search for specific stars and planets that are not clearly visible on your screen.

Wikitude World Browser
Wikitude World Browser

With a simple Internet browser like Google Chrome, you can do so much with Internet. Just think of all the things you can do with an AR browser. No wonder it is regarded as one of the classic examples of augmented reality app development. This virtual browser has over 3500 associated content providers and serves you with the best possible relevant information regarding landmarks, restaurants, and other information that you will find extremely useful during travels.

The browser shows Wikipedia articles with detailed information on landmarks. Its extra features like enabling users to share locations via Facebook works as icing on the cake.


For any AR development company, to create something intriguing like Layar must be the objective. Now part of the Blippar group, Layar was founded in 2009. Today, it is considered as a global leader for AR and interactive print technology. Starting from musical content to happening events, Layar furnishes you with information by simply scanning compatible printouts. Aim your camera at any poster, flyer or magazine cover and suddenly, you can find online links appearing on your screen.

It uses Accelerometer, built-in camera, compass as well as GPS to serve you with relevant information. No wonder it was announced as a Technology Pioneer for 2011 by the World Economic Forum.

The apps listed above give a glimpse of the potential of augmented reality app development. The marketplace of AR development is sure to get bigger, and if you’re thinking of jumping into this bandwagon then, perhaps, it’s the right time. Collaborating with a renowned AR development company is a good choice as it will leave you with viable options and will also provide you with professional help to get the best of the industry.

Contact for your architectural 3D design requirement!


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